Are you a HR manager ? Are your looking for a remote office for your employees?

One of the most important reasons generating stress among your employees us certainly the daily commute between their home and their workplace, which has become long and exhausting every day. An employee who arrives already tired at work will be less productive and more stressed. A burn-out may be the result of this.

More and more companies offer their employees the possibility to work in a flexible way at a location closer to their home or their clients, whatever suits them best.

Why not your company a well ? - This will be a real plus for you and your employees will be rewarded with a much higher quality of life.

A real alternative for you and your employees !

At URBAN OFFICE, you can :

  • Rent a permanent flexible or dedicated workspace
  • Use our conference rooms to meet your clients
  • Relocate a complete team (closed office or flexible workplaces)

We are ideally located on the main acces roads to Luxemburg (and in the City centre)

  • In Windhof at the belgian border
  • In Dudelange/Bettembourg at the french border
  • Near the Grand-Duke’s Palace in Luxemburg-City
  • 09/2018: In Belval at the french border

We offer :

  • A flexible or dedicated workspace
  • High speed internet – own secured VLAN network
  • Printer usage
  • Private locker
  • Meeting rooms (according to availability)
  • Badge/access code, valid in all our centres
  • Mail adress
  • Unlimited access to all common spaces
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to ALL our Urban Office centres
All our services can be tailored to your specific needs. Contact us and receive a proposal within 24 hours.
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